Social Media Marketing

Incorporating a social media marketing strategy isn't as simple as setting up a Facebook company fan page and/or a blog, it is a diverse set of strategies and tactics that will increase your company's presence in the social media landscape - so it can be transmitted by others to exponentially increase the traffic to your site. WSI thoroughly understands the protocols and means required to get the job done in the fractured social media landscape.

Social Media Marketing is perhaps the faster growing segment of internet market, and it requires a coherent strategy to be most effective. WSI will add the necessary social media features to your website's current configuration by including RSS feeds, social news and sharing buttons (to post to Facebook, Digg, Stumble, etc.), user rating and viewer polling tools. WSI will also incorporate any Third-Party content, like YouTube or Vimeo video and images from Flickr, Picasa and dozens of other photo-sharing sites.

After our initial review your website, WSI will also perform a Social Media Optimization (SMO) that will address all the missing Social Media elements that you and your business need to stay connected and keep your "followers" up to date about what new and exciting things you are doing.

Social Media Optimization is critical these days, because it's easy and omnipresent, but it takes skill and knowledge and expertise to maximize its benefits. That's were WSI can help.