Email Marketing

Email Marketing requires special understanding of the target audience and crafting of the email copy to be the most actionable, inviting and intriguing. If your business' forte isn't marketing or advertising, then WSI can discover what your brand is currently saying and how it's perceived in the market place, then mount an email campaign that will extend and expand your brand message to attract new customers and retain old ones.

WSI will expertly target your potential sales contacts and provide intelligence on others, so the email marketing is as effective as possible in turning contacts into customers.

WSI firmly believes that email marketing isn't just about making a sale it's about enhancing the relationship with potential customers. To that end, WSI will generate email marketing copy that will not only entice new customers, but also further the relationship with former customers to get them to do a follow-up transaction.

WSI is fully aware that email marketing can be considered intrusive and annoying, so we can also implement an Opt-in Email Marketing strategy for you. This way your marketing message is directed at those with a great propensity to act.

WSI wants your email strategy to effective, increase conversions and generate positive feedback/word-of-mouth. These are results that require specific expertise, the kind of expertise that WSI excels in.